Laser Treatement For Ingrown Toenails

99% Success Rate
Jonathan Caplin is a Podiatric specialist in medical foot care, specializing in treatment of ingrown toenails.
At the Laser Caplin clinic, we make use of advanced laser technology to treat ingrown toenails quickly and efficiently, without pain.
Find out more about this renowned treatment, which prevents the ingrown toenail from recurring permanently.
Over 30,000 Laser Surgeries and Counting

Laser treatment is extremely efficient and prevents irreversible harm to the patient which could be caused by extracting or cutting the damaged ingrown toenail.

Following standard treatment, the ingrown toenail could recur, along with the pain and frustration. Laser treatment, on the other hand, eliminates the problem for good.

CO2 laser treatment for ingrown toenails, provides a high-quality alternative that is more efficient and nearly painless. It heals the foot, providing an esthetic solution which, more importantly, permanently prevents the ingrown toenail from recurring.


Laser treatment of an ingrown toenail guarantees almost 100% success, and requires no more than a single treatment. It is also more efficient in comparison with other treatment methods >>>


  • Less bleeding, even in severe cases.
  • Laser treatment reduces post-operative discomfort and pain.
  • Recovery time is faster than with conventional treatment (returning to normal routine after just a single day).
  • Particularly efficient in severe cases and with diabetics.
  • More esthetic surgical results.
  • Treatment once and for all – with no need for repeated or ongoing treatment.


Laser treatment for ingrown toenails:
Treatment Duration
The average length of treatment from the time the patient enters the treatment room is only 45 minutes! Laser treatment takes just a few minutes and does not require hospitalization or a lengthy clinic stay. This is because laser treatment causes less bleeding and does not require stitches. Laser treatment is the fastest way to ensure that the ingrown toenail will not recur.
Number of Treatments
After treatment the toe heals on its own. There is no need to come back to the clinic for additional treatment, just for a checkup
Pain During Treatment
There is no pain during laser treatment. After treatment, any pain that occurs is minimal and bearable, and pain relief medication is sufficient. By the following day, in most cases, there is usually no need for any pain relief. You will be able to function normally and walk comfortably on the treated foot.
Resumption of Normal Routine
In most cases, you can return to normal function the day after treatment.

What happens after treatment?

An Immediate End to the Pain…
No more infected toe
Get back to wearing closed shoes without any pain!
Know that the problem is behind us!
Enjoy all types of athletic activity once more without pain!
A leading professional Podiatrist

Over the years, Jonathan Caplin has acquired vast experience in academic medical institutions and treated tens of thousands of patients in clinics in England and Israel.

Jonathan Caplin was the first to bring laser treatment for ingrown toenails to Israel thirty years ago, and since then, his extensive experience has grown, making him an authority in the field.

In addition, Jonathan Caplin has run foot clinics for the IDF, providing laser treatment for ingrown toenails and has trained numerous surgeons in the field.

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Laser treatment ensures an almost 100% success rate and needs only a single treatment
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