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Patient recommendations

I had a lot more surgeries, with the same 3 toes and the problem came back.
I received a recommendation to contact Jonathan Caplin. I underwent treatment for both big toes. The results after the replacement are good, for a change.
Jonathan is a charming person, very professional in the beginning, fair and does not give up until the problem is solved.
Highly recommend.

I underwent invasive nail treatment on both legs with Jonathan Caplin who was found to be a savior for many years of suffering !! And as a professional therapist who explains everything in a professional and relaxing way, this is the place to point out.
Highly recommend !!
And I also brought home my daughter who also suffers from ingrown toenails and in the past experienced 3 surgeries on one toe because they were unsuccessful and today she experienced surgery on the other leg in a sweeping way claiming that it was the best surgery she underwent on the toe!
It is a pity to pay pedicurists for treatment when the problem can be solved immediately with its help.
This is also the place to mention the clinic staff who receive you while keeping the strict rules of the current period following the corona and with a smile and patience, including all the staff from the secretary and his right hand wife led by Jonathan, I wish there were many more in the country and our situation was brilliant!
Finishes with great thanks !! And a blessed year !!

Anat Shani
The treatment experience and facial light was exceptional. It is worth noting in particular the meticulousness of the constant cleaning of everything and everything during the corona period. Very impressive and appreciative.

Mor Cohen Tzedek
I had surgery on Jonathan's two toes six months ago.
Very easy surgery with no pain at all
I barely felt any pain after the surgery
Fast recovery but requires tolerance.
Jonathan's attitude was wonderful and reassuring.
Right now after half a year of surgery I do not feel any regrowth at all. The surgery did not affect the appearance of the nails at all.
I am very pleased and highly recommend!
Thank you Jonathan!

Lia Sharabi
20 years of suffering, of pain that only those who know understand how unbearable. The difficulty in wearing closed shoes, sleeping on the stomach and every touch is accompanied by intense pain. And the pedicure days there I screamed like in a delivery room.
And then ,,, magic word ,,, Jonathan Kiplin
I immediately made an appointment.
Well not right away ,, it took me 20 years ,, unfortunately.
Jonathan is so kind, professional in one treatment and the suffering is over.
Sometimes I do not believe that the pain is no longer there .. 8 months from the treatment and it is amazing. There is the life of before and there is the life of after.
Highly recommend wholeheartedly, for Jonathan and this magic treatment.
Do not hesitate to worth every penny. The truth is also a really cheap price.
Jonathan thank you.

David Fleshyeen
When I got to Jonathan Kaplan I had two legs with 2 ingrown toenails and it hurt a lot and I tried several times to get it out with the help of the nail polish I got to Jonathan Kaplan and with the help of the laser treatment within half an hour I was out without a toenail and without pain. Not only is Jonathan Kaplan's professionalism commendable but his courtesy and attitude towards his patients.
Noa Shukin
I came to Jonathan after years of suffering, after no pedicurist had solved my problem. From the first consultation I realized that there is someone to trust, he explained to me the problems in my nail and the whole surgical procedure. On the day of the operation, he instilled a calm and pleasant atmosphere. The day after the operation, he called to ask Shlomi. The day after the surgery I was pain free. warmly recommended!!!!

Talya Shitrit
I had surgery on Jonathan Caplin on both toes on both sides. I felt the injections a bit but I did not feel the surgery at all. I should note that Jonathan asked all the time if the surgery was okay.
Jonathan is a sensitive and sympathetic person and very calm and pleasant demeanor. Called me the day after the surgery to demand my safety.
The clerks in the office are also lovely.
Highly recommend.
Today I am glad I did.
Recommends doing and not suffering!

Mlachi Levi
I arrived at the clinic after a year of suffering from ingrown toenails and after one unsuccessful operation. Jonathan took out my nails after not much time and without much pain although I was very worried about it because in the first operation I was in a lot of pain (the first operation was not with him) after 3 weeks I returned to normal function and today I am half a year later with nothing!

Hezi Haut
Jonathan Caplin is a highly professional podiatrist who is also human and warm.
I had an intricate ingrown toenail and Jonathan had an accurate laser dissected only the minimum required so that the appearance of the nail was not damaged. Thanks to Jonathan for solving a very annoying problem for me. I highly recommend it.
Yonatan K.
What a champion after 4 years of suffering I got rid of the problem with a simple surgery at Jonathan!
Friends highly recommended and worth every penny

Many thanks to Jonathan and the amazing staff!
After treating an ingrown toenail with a HMO doctor in which he actually 'ripped' half of the nail, and after half a year in which the nail returned to its original condition, I decided to go to Jonathan for a consultation.
I highly recommend and am excited time and time again to receive such courteous and professional service from a professional. Highly recommend to anyone who has a similar problem to approach counseling at Jonathan, you will not regret it.

Michal P.
Jonathan Caplin
Amazing and kind man, solved for my daughter the invasive nail problem in laser surgery Highly recommend

Carmel P.
I highly recommend Jonathan Caplin's dedicated care. I got to him after an unsuccessful ingrown toenail surgery at another podiatrist and only Caplin solved the serious problem I had. His great professionalism is accompanied by a pleasant and respectful human attitude. Even weeks after the surgery I kept in touch with him by phone and came to the checkpoint several times, it was important to him that I recover properly and stay calm. He is kind and sensitive and treats in the most reassuring way possible. Thank you!

Pnina M.
Highly recommend coming to Jonathan Caplin for treatment. I had laser surgery on his ingrown toenail after excruciating pain and terrible suffering. A very professional podiatrist and a very kind person. He treated me with devotion even after the surgery. warmly recommended.

Izik G.
I underwent ingrown toenail treatment on both legs in September 2017 and have since started living again painlessly after many years of suffering.
I would like to thank Jonathan Caplin for his dedicated and professional care.
Straighten up !!!

Ori B.
I came to Yonatan at the barracks in Tzrifin, about 14 years ago. The improvement in the nail and the mood was immediate. I returned to Yonatan twice more, following an ingrown toenail elsewhere in the legs, and after a failure in the treatment I received at the HMO. Excellent, there is nothing about the jokes and peace of mind that Jonathan instills in the patient, and the results - very successful !! Highly recommend going to Jonathan for treatment. You will not be sorry!

Many thanks to the lovely person Jonathan Caplin.

I came to Jonathan when I was suffering from ingrown toenails on both legs. I came to Jonathan twice, treatment for every leg.
The lovely Anat took care of every phone call or question from me, gave a very caring and caring answer.
Jonathan took care during and after the entire treatment, gave a warm and caring, patient attitude, made sure to calm down and laugh in any way he could.
A person who can make an unpleasant experience, funny and full of memories.
Highly recommend and love !!!

Reut T.
As we enter the clinic we are greeted by the wonderful and dedicated Anat with lots of smiles. When you meet Jonathan Kaplin, you realize that he is a person of his age, caring, humane and very professional. Ensures that his patients feel most comfortable and updates them at every stage so that they remain involved. Very sensitive and handles with great dedication. Only recommend it !!

Dan M.
Successful and excellent professional treatment for a severe ingrown toenail problem without any pain, and a warm and cordial attitude.

Shani R.
One of the most amazing doctors I have ever met. Patient, gentle, reassuring, genuine, caring… There are not enough words to describe! I arrived very scared and he just calmed down and explained and was really, really professional! Highly recommend!!

Many thanks to Caplin's podiatrist, professional, attentive, kind and humane. I certainly had the privilege of coming to terms with the ingrown toenail I had been suffering from for about twenty years. This is after a "job" of a surgeon after which I went through trauma. Therefore, it took me a long time to pick up the phone and make an appointment at Caplin's. After the surgery, I immediately returned to normal functioning. In retrospect, sorry I waited so long and also suffered.
Bottom line: very pleased with the result. Jonathan does not leave the patient until the place is healed. Ingrown toenail - Caplin is the answer.
Almog Y.
For many months I suffered from the ingrown toenail problem, after months of unbearable pain in both toes, inflammation, and an unpleasant appearance to the eye.
After treatments by cutting the nail only,
I came to Caplin who performed the laser surgery on both toes.
Short, painless, accurate and aesthetic surgery
This is how I solved the problem once and for all.

Viki M.
It took me a month and a half to get to Jonathan. I cut the two nails on the toes incorrectly. For a month and a half the infections went from toe to toe and cut my nail even further until I could no longer walk or hold the flip-flop on my foot.
I came to Jonathan who received me so beautifully. Although Jonathan did not always have to operate I wanted to finish with the story. I put amla ointment an hour before the injections and felt nothing at all. Although I took a painkiller after the surgery there was no pain at all. I would do it again without thinking twice and I would get to it sooner. Daniela's secretary Daniel is also lovely. Worried about overcoming my fears….

Jonathan Caplin solved for my home a problem of a viral wart in the heel, which we could not get rid of in any way at the HMO or any other treatment.
She suffered badly for about a year and was no longer able to step on the heel, and as an athlete this made it very difficult for her.
Jonathan solved the problem in a series of meticulous and meticulous treatments. Today her foot is perfect.
I wholeheartedly recommend Caplin as a prodigy in his field, glad to have someone so professional and skilled and know that every foot problem has an answer.

After spending money with others and failing (the nail was back on the sora), I came skeptically to Jonathan. He just did it, amazing to me.
Thank you and goodbye,